I turn woolly fluff into awesome stuff!

Welcome to Woolly Doodles, spelled with 2 Os and 2 Ls. My name is Cathy Disbrow and I’m a fiber artist working in the craft of needle felting and wet felting. The goal of felting is to connect wool fibers together to create something out of nothing – a pin, a figure, a 2-D felted portrait, or a piece of functional art. All Woolly Doodle creations are uniquely handmade with lots of energy, sweat, and love.


Needle Felt Classes

Want to know what the needle felt fuss is all about? I teach needle felt workshops and classes in the cities of Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton in the province of Ontario. If you want to learn a thing or ten about needle felting, take a look at one of my upcoming classes. If you don’t see one that fits your time or see a project you want to learn, I teach private classes of 4 or more and will do a private lesson if you want one on one time. Just send me an email to check my availability and pricing.


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You want something created especially for you?

If you want to have a custom designed pin or figure, I can work with you to provide that unique gift for someone special, who could be yourself. I’ve created pins and figures of people’s pets, made pins of illustrator’s characters, and requests for things I hadn’t made yet.


I love a challenge so please challenge me! It can’t hurt to find out more. Please fill out the the form on the Custom Order page to get started. Want to see for yourself? Visit my Gallery page to see some of the pins and figures I’ve been commissioned to needle felt


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