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About The Artist

My name is Cathy Disbrow and I create unique needle felted creations. I’m also a needle felt teacher so I can spread the love of needle felting. I start by sketching an idea, what I like to call a doodle. I grab some colored wool and stab it with a barbed needle to create the shapes and viola, a Woolly Doodle is born! Yes, I spell Woolly with 2 Ls though it can also be spelled with only 1. I chose 2 because I like the way it looks. 😀

I first discovered needle felting in the fall of 2013 while on an artist studio tour. I met this fabulous artist who works with a variety of artistic mediums (like me) but my favorite was her needle felted animals. The next summer, I decided to take a course at the local fiber store to learn how to do this myself. I love sculpting with clay but it requires clay (which needs to be kept moist), a kiln, glaze and I can’t easily do it from my house. To me the next best thing is sculpting with wool through the art of needle felting and I love every minute of it (well maybe not those minutes where I accidentally stab my finger – Ouch!)

What is needle felting, you ask? In a nutshell, the art of needle felting is meticulously stabbing wool (also called roving) with a special barbed needle, over and over and over (and over and over) until I’ve created a 3 dimensional object (then it’s time for a nap after all that stabbing). The materials are lightweight and I can take them with me if want to get out and socialize once in a while.

I love cartoons. I love animals. I love weird and quirky things. I hope you enjoy my Woolly Doodles as much as I love making them.

Here are different ways you can find me on the web:

Instagram: woollydoodlesbycathy

Facebook: woollydoodles

Twitter: CathyDisbrow

Etsy: WoollyDoodlesByCathy