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My name is Cathy Disbrow and I create unique felted creations. I sculpt my unique creations by connecting wool fibers: whether it’s stabbing wool with a barbed needle OR using hot water and agitation. I’ve been an artist my entire life working in craft, digital art, and hand drawn illustrations. I like working with wool because it’s organic, making each creation unique. With a love for animals and the outdoors, felting was an obvious choice for me as an artistic medium, because I can sculpt nature art using natural materials. I enjoy spreading the love of felting through workshops and DIY craft kits.

My art career started when I was a kid, using construction paper, crayons, paint by numbers, and the like. I went to college for Fine Art, and after I graduated, worked as a Graphic Designer for a magazine. Once the internet was born, I became a Web Designer for 16 years working on different company’s brands. When web design become more about coding and less about design, I took a break to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I first discovered needle felting in the Fall of 2013 while on an artist studio tour. I met this fabulous artist who works with a variety of artistic mediums (like me), but my favorite was her needle felted animals. The next summer, I decided to take a course at the local fiber store to learn how to do this myself. I started my felt company Woolly Doodles in August of 2016 and I’ve been teaching felting workshops since March 2017 and love every minute of it.

What is felting, you ask? Felting is the art of sculpting with wool. Wool has tiny barbs in it and the goal is to connect these fibers together. I use special barbed needles with lots of stabbing to connect these notched fibers OR I can use hot water and agitation (and lots of rolling) to connect the fibers. I find both ways are tons of fun and I base which one I use based on what I want the final art to look like.

I love cartoons. I love animals. I love weird and quirky things. I hope you enjoy my Woolly Doodles as much as I love making them.

Here are different ways you can find me on the web:

Instagram: woollydoodlesbycathy

Facebook: Woolly Doodles

YouTube: Woolly Doodles